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For Immediate Release
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EXXXOTICA Dallas TX Free The D

Dear Dallas,

On February 10, 2016 the City Council voted to unconstitutionally ban Three Expo Events, LLC, producers of the EXXXOTICA Expo, from ever hosting an event at the city-owned Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

From that moment we’ve been working diligently to file an injunction enabling us to regain our May 2016 dates; that lawsuit also includes charges of First and Fourteenth Amendment violations, due process violations as well as claims of their tortious interference.

These claims are all against the City of Dallas, its Mayor and City Council members who voted to ban the event, in their official capacity but also individually as well. To view the complaint, CLICK HERE

As of today, February 23, 2016, our complaint is complete and we have given our attorney, Roger Albright, permission to file at will.

It is important to recognize that once this lawsuit is filed, it is impossible to put the genie back in the bottle. It will likely cost the City of Dallas and its taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, in legal fees and damages. This is on top of the already filed potential class action lawsuit filed yesterday in Federal District Court in Texas.

But there is another option. An option that makes this all go away.

We have directed our attorney to pass the finalized complaint to the City in hopes they will review our claim, recognize their mistake, and reconsider their ban. To view the letter, CLICK HERE

We are a lawful event, produced successfully with zero incidents in 2015 at the Dallas Convention Center and attended by over 15,000 Dallas area residents who enjoyed an educational, artistic and fun experience.

So we ask, why spend wasted time and taxpayer money on maintaining a ban their own City Attorney strongly advised them against?

Since the initial vote was 8-7, it only takes one city council member to make this right.




The following members of the Dallas City Council voted in favor of stripping EXXXOTICA and the citizens of Dallas of their First Amendment Rights. These actions will likely cause the unnecessary spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer’s money to defend a case their own lawyers advised them they would most likely lose. If your city councilmember is on this list, we urge you to contact them and let your voice be heard!

Mike Rawlings - Mayor
Jennifer Staubach Gates - District 13
B. Adam McGough - District 10
Tiffinni Young - District 7
Carolyn King Arnold - District 4
Erik Wilson - District 8
Rickey Don Callahan - District 5
Casey Thomas - District 3


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